30 Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed – you know who!

We all know someone who loves IKEA too much. Or perhaps you’re the person. (I admit, I am). In which case, it would be a good idea to share this guide to 2018’s Best Christmas Gifts with all your best buddies (along with a generous peppering of wink-wink nudge-nudge emojis)

Personalized IKEA gifts for the IKEA fan

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

Clockwise from top: 1. Good IKEA t-shirt | 2. IKWIT t-shirt | 3. Custom logo mug with any name | 4. Smarter Cabinets mug | 5. IKEA cap (SOLD OUT!) | 6. IKEA messenger bag (SOLD OUT!)

Best Christmas gifts for the IKEA hacker

  1. Furniture legs to add a personal touch to IKEA boxes
  2. Removable decals to punch up the style of any IKEA dresser
  3. Customized DRONA boxes with acrylic paintings
  4. Colorful slipcover for IKEA TULSA armchair
  5. Polka dot cover for the POÄNG chair
  6. Mirrored fretwork overlay for IKEA dresser
  7. Miniature IKEA collection
  8. Chevron vinyl decal for IKEA furniture

Best Christmas gifts for the cat lover

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

Pop this poster into a 12×16″ IKEA RIBBA frame and your cat loving friend will be very happy. Details.

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

We love new sheets. So would your furry friend. Get a new snuggly mattress set for kitty. It fits the DUKTIG doll bed. Meowellous, ain’t it? Details.

IKEA gift books for the reader 

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed
  1. I recently watched the movie and it was such a heartwarming tale. Now I want to read the book. Get “Journey of the Fakir” here.
  2. FIKA: 30 Classic Swedish Baking Recipes. If your friend has a sweet tooth (and a Scandinavian one at that) get this. It has more than cinnamon rolls.
  3. IKEAhackers.net: 25 Biggest and Best Projects. Well, I couldn’t help but sneak this in. If your friend is into DIY and IKEA hacking, this book will be fun for him or her.  
  4. Horrorstor. A traditional haunted house story in a thoroughly contemporary setting — an IKEA store. A guaranteed good read for the holidays. 🙂

For the one who can’t stand bare walls

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

Vintage IKEA catalogue poster. Currently running a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion.

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

IKEA parody posters. Won’t these look great in the kitchen?

Best Christmas Gifts for the IKEA obsessed

Map prints of any city you like. The prints are ideal for IKEA STRÖMBY, RIBBA or MARIETORP frames. 

Gifting ideas for IKEA hackers with kids

  1. Toy storage boxes with your child’s name
  2. Convert the KURA bed into a playhouse
  3. Easily turn the LACK side table into a play table with decals
  4. Peel and stick cactus designs for the KURA bed 
  5. Add some pizzazz to the DUKTIG – Fruit splashback 
  6. DUKTIG backing – Hedgehog design
  7. Cloud stickers for a whimsy picture ledge
  8. Antilop high chair pad

Hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I enjoyed putting together this list of best Christmas gifts. Happy gifting!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Etsy and Amazon. That means if you buy after clicking the links, I get a small commission. It does not change the price or your experience on the retailer’s site in any way.

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